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Man, Portfolios are Weird.

Especially when you’re a jack-of-all-trades creative type like I am. The thing is, at the end of the day, it always boils down to the same thing: taste and story. Whether it’s writing a book, directing a movie, editing a video, designing an icon, building a website, crafting a brand, perfecting a layout or cranking out copy, all creativity is just trying to tell your story to a target audience with a cohesive style. Don’t let anybody tell you different. If you need your style built from the ground up, no problem; I can work with you to bring your vision to the eyes of your audience. If you have a preestablished look-and-feel, so much the better; I love carving out new work with the voice and tone of your company or project. The rest is just telling a story with whatever tools work best for the job. Whether it’s words, pictures, sound, movement or all of it together, let me understand where you want your audience to go, and I will help you craft the story you need to get them there.

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